5/09/19 #SameHere Hero: David Berceli

There’ve been some pretty serendipitous things that’ve happened throughout the last yr & a half as it pertains to the building of this MH Movement. I’m convinced now more than ever, the universe sends us messages & important ppl in our lives. This particular story is a bit surreal.


In 2013, while visiting a friend in SD, I met a young woman out at a bar (hey, don’t get any crazy ideas), we exchanged #s, & fbooks. We lost touch shortly after our meeting.


In 2016 in the office of Donna Stein, the first Psycholgist to tell me my traumatic lived experiences were housed w/in my entire brain & body, she also tells me abt a few practitioners I should look into who are doing amazing mind/body trauma release work, are published & world-renowned. One of names she gives: David Berceli who developed a “tremor/shaking” practice called TRE.


Last wk, 2019 – after posting info about a previous “Crazy” event on fbook, the young woman from SD, writes me on fbook again (I had forgotten we were even connected after 6 yrs), & tells me, that I need to meet her “genius boss,” David Berceli.


An hour & a half zoom session later, & here we are, David is now the newest member of our TSRR Practitioner Alliance. More from me soon on how this “physiological” release of my own trauma from my muscles & fascia, is helping me heal, but here’s how TRE works in David’s words, below. Please welcome David to the community! We’re so lucky to have him!!


TRE, or Trauma Releasing Exercises is designed to reactivate the tremor/shaking mechanism of the body in a safe environment so the nervous system can complete the discharge of its over-stimulated state. These tremors are felt as a mild vibrational sensation that assists the human organism in both calming the nervous system as well as relaxing physical tension in the body.


The result is the restoration of homeostasis. Benefits include a reduction in physical tension & a decrease in emotional stress, anxiety & Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms. Greater emotional & physical resiliency is the end result of using this technique.

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