“They live on through the lives their stories help us save.”

For far too long, families who have lost loved ones to suicide have had to unfairly hide in shame. The common misconceptions about “choices” and “decisions” have loomed nastily over this topic. These brave families however have come together to share their personal stories. To be LIFE Savers. To lift that cloud of shame away – so that as a society we can openly discuss this topic just like we do any other health topic and outcome. Every other day in the month of May, a new story will be shared. You’ll learn from their shares, that suicide is not simply about a choice or decision one makes. It’s about declining mental health (that often goes unnoticed as “severe” even by many sufferers) from a myriad of factors that take over one’s cognitive and rational thought processes, leading to error messages of self-harm. The more we educate about what these error messages feel like, and sound like in one’s mind, the more we can prepare folks with a positive plan of action if they are to occur, provide hope, and ultimately improve outcomes. The loved ones these families lost had so many amazing traits and qualities you’ll learn about. And so many commonalities. These families are holding hands, partnering with their loved ones, and sharing bravely as LIFE Savers, so that this topic can be discussed openly, and, more and more can notice the signs, and we can prevent these tragedies from happening. Please read their stories and come back every other day as a new one is shared. And please read about the free LIFE Saver, first-person suicide prevention poster, cards, & video at the bottom of this page.

Tyler Scott Haun Hilinski

21 Years Old  
Shared by Parents: Kym & Mark Hilinski

McKenna Elizabeth Brown

16 Years Old
Shared by Parents: Cheryl & Hunter Brown

Arlana Janell Miller

19 Years Old
Shared by Mother: Janice Miller

Jade Lee Marasigan

17 Years Old  
Shared by Father: John Marasigan

Robert Charles Martin

23 Years Old  
Shared by Parents: Peg & Nate Martin

Sarah Shulze

21 Years Old  
Shared by Parents: Brigitte & Scott Shulze

Hallie Christine Jackson

16 Years Old  
Shared by Parents: Christine & Kevin Jackson

Morgan Dupe Rodgers

22 Years Old  
Shared by Mother: Dona Rodgers

Jocelyn "Jocey" Walters

14 Years Old  
Shared by Father: Fred Walters

Benjahmin Khalil Lee

12 Years Old  
Shared by Father: Kwasi Lee

Nathan Isaac Bronstein

15 Years Old  
Shared by Mother: Rose Bronstein

Greg Montgomery Jr. "UG"

55 Years Old  
Shared by Sister: Margot Moran

Jack Morrison

19 Years Old  
Shared by Mother: Kim Morrison

Story Revealed: Soon

Story Revealed: Soon

A message from #SameHere Global Founder, Eric Kussin:

I can’t thank these LIFE Saver Families enough for coming together to share their stories. Connecting with them has resulting in some of the most meaningful work I’ve been fortunate enough to do. They are each navigating a heartbreaking path they never expected to walk, but finding hope and purpose through sharing their stories, connecting with others and advocating for suicide prevention. These are commonalities I share with these families – along with my own personal experience with suicidal ideations that seemingly came “out of nowhere.”

Along with these families, our goal is to change the conversation around suicide. If you leave this page armed with new understanding, the effects will certainly ripple outward. Here are a few of the most important ideas we must transform:

 Talking about suicide does NOT cause more suicides. When we talk openly about suicide, we see more help-seeking behaviors take place.  

 Suicide is most often not a choice, but an impulse/error message in the brain. Take, for instance, that 71% of suicide attempt survivors had ideations within only ONE hour of their attempt. 25% within five minutes of their attempt.

 Suicide happens TO people, in the same way cancer or other diseases happen to people. Plaque builds in our arteries over time, sugar builds in our blood stream over time, problematic cells replicate in our bodies over time leading – to heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Stress and trauma build silently in our Central Nervous System due to challenging life events we live through (on top of our genetics and lifestyle). This can lead to dysregulated nervous systems where self-harm messages happen to us.

 Suicide and shame are currently inextricably linked. The common terminology, such as “committed” or “took their life” implies someone did something wrong that is shameful. However, this is wrong and must change. Just like any other death, something happened to someone. If someone’s brain breaks down from brain cancer or dementia, we don’t shame them. Same should be the case here.  We look forward to continuing to change the narrative with you all and hope you will check-out the first-person LIFE Saver suicide prevention tool below.


In school we all learn “Stop, Drop, and Roll” for fire safety – to be PREVENTATIVE, at a young age.  

Despite the fact that many more of us have suicidal thoughts than will ever catch on fire, we traditionally have never had a formal safety plan taught in schools as to what steps we should follow if suicidal thoughts arise. Now, with this “L.I.F.E. Saver” tool, every school, community group (and even office) in the world can implement a simple safety plan for their students, members (or employees).  

This is a tool, accompanied by a free video, from a diverse and impressive set of advocates. We are serious about being preventative about suicide and suicidal thoughts. If you are as well, please make use of this video and order the number of posters your school/district, group (or office) needs. You can also inquire about L.I.F.E. Saver cards for wallets and purses. If you have questions and want to hear more about this L.I.F.E. Saver tool, the presentation that accompanies it, or any other #SameHere Schools Program, email us at: schools@samehereglobal.org

Introductory Video About The Suicide Prevention Safety Plan

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