16-Module, Self-Paced Course

STARR Certification Course Now Available 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the STARR Certification Course – an online, self-paced, program – developed in partnership with Maryland University of Integrative Health. Gyms for our physical health have been available for so long, and the STARR Certification Course fills the void we’ve been missing for our mental health – a “Gym for the Brain.” Just as a personal trainer would teach you different exercises and why they are important for your body, the STARR Certification Course pairs you with more than 15 of the world’s leading experts in mental health to explain both the science behind the brain/body connection and different exercises available to improve your overall brain health and heal your Central Nervous Systems.
#SameHere has been working for many years to offer a course such as this. We started by collaborating with the foremost experts in the mental health space to create our Practitioner Alliance and the concept of STARR (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring). Partnering with Maryland University of Integrative Health allowed us to scale STARR into digestible, digital lessons that can be used by anyone – from parents to CEOs, teachers to social workers, etc. – to learn about the brain/body connection.
We can’t wait for you to learn first-hand the science of stress and trauma and the exercises that will help improve your mental health and build resiliency from the world’s top experts, including: Dr. Vincent Feletti, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Leslie Korn, Dr. Steven C. Hayes, Amy Weintraub, Dr. Prudence Farrow Bruns, Dr. David Berceli, Dr. Patricia Gerbarg, Dr. Richard Brown, Brad Yates, Juliet King, Lanny Rosenzweig, Dr. David Grand, Dr. Josh Briley, Dr. Daniel Kirsch, Dr. Siegfried Othmer, Dr. John Rosa, and Dr. Andrew Pleener.
To learn more, including how to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs), continue reading below and visit the STARR Certification Program registration site

What is the STARR Certification Program?

Mental health is determined by a combination of many factors including lifestyle, genetics, and lived experiences. The STARR Certification Program is an online, self-paced, certification program that helps you to concretely understand how stressful and traumatic experiences are two of the biggest contributing factors that impact our mental health. During the program you will learn the science of how those two factors impact the brain/body connection. You will also learn how mental health fluctuates across a continuum, constantly moving to different states. The world’s leaders in “Gym for the Brain” modalities then collectively teach you the many ways to work on and repair our impacted neural circuitry and return it to more optimal states.

What Topics will be Covered in the STARR Certification Program?

Participants in this program will gain knowledge in topics such as the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) study, Polyvagal Theory, Addiction, Breathwork, Trauma Releasing Exercises, Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping, Neuro-Informed Art Therapy, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Brainspotting, Transcendental MeditationTM, Neurofeedback, Alpha-Stim, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Nutrition, and Yoga. 

Who Should Take the STARR Certification Program 

This certification course is beneficial for healthcare professionals and others that support the mental health of their community, such as:
  • Athletic Coaches 
  • Business Leaders
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical Doctors 
  • Healthcare Providers 
  • Health Coaches 
  • HR Professionals 
  • Life Coaches 
  • Mental Health Professionals 
  • Nurses 
  • Parents 
  • Practice Administrators 
  • Self-Healers
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers

What is the Cost and What Will I Receive with the Program?

Enrollment fee for the program is $495. Upon purchase, you will gain lifetime access to: 
  • Video presentations from STARR Experts
  • STARR course module handouts and learning resources 
  • Comprehensive information about the brain/body connection and the non-medication healing modalities (STARR exercises) that can be used proactively to improve our neurobiological connections
Upon successful completion of the course requirements and quiz completion, you will receive:
  • Verified STARR Certification Certificate of Completion  
  • 22 hours that can be submitted for professional CEUs based on the requirements of the issuing provider 

Want to Use the Exercises and Teach Others?  Learn about becoming a STARR Trainer:

Email us at: contactus@samehereglobal.org
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