#SameHere International Psych Alliance

Within the Global Mental Health Alliances is the #SameHere International Psych Alliance, co-founded by Drs James Lake & Andrew Pleener. The Alliance is collectively made up of Integrative Practitioners from around the world, who understand the “Mind Body Connection”, and recognize the concept that “5in5” of us face challenges, and champion the idea of “Total Patient Care.” These practitioners provide non-rushed visits, and they view medication as just a single tool amongst many others. They will work with you to educate you on the physical impact that stress and trauma have on your Central Nervous System, and help you create a mental fitness tool box. They will use STARR exercises to counter these impacts. As this alliance grows out on a global scale, our goal is to have it so that wherever anyone is in the world looking for “Total Patient Care,” you can come use this directory as a point of contact for integrative services.

As Eric searched for 2 and ½ years for modalities that work and had no direction, it is our mission to provide this as a service to the greater global community. *link to full story

#SameHere International Psych Founding Members

Dona Biswas, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: Australia

Elizabeth Corcoran, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: United Kingdom

James Lake, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: United States

Maia Love, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: Canada

Rogier Hoenders, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: Netherlands

Julia Rucklidge, PhD

Integrative Psychologist
Location: New Zealand

Célia Soares,

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: Portugal

Kristin Vikjord, MSc

Integrative Psychologist
Location: Norway

Vanessa Wong, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist
Location: Hong Kong

International Psych Directory

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