In school we all learn “Stop, Drop, and Roll” for fire safety – to be PREVENTATIVE, at a young age.  

Despite the fact that many more of us have suicidal thoughts than will ever catch on fire, we traditionally have never had a formal safety plan taught in schools as to what steps we should follow if suicidal thoughts arise. Now, with this “L.I.F.E. Saver” tool, every school (and even office) in the world can implement a simple safety plan for their students (or employees).  

This is a tool, accompanied by a free video, from a diverse and impressive set of advocates. We are serious about being preventative about suicide and suicidal thoughts. If you are as well, please make use of this video and order the number of posters your school/district (or office) needs. If you have questions and want to hear more about this L.I.F.E. Saver tool or any other #SameHere Schools Program, email us at:

Introductory Video About The Suicide Prevention Safety Plan

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