#SameHere Influencer Alliance

Within the Global Mental Health Alliances is the #SameHere Influencer Alliance. This Alliance was founded by Darren Rovell of ESPN. He will be encouraging his followers, already over 2 Million around the world, to share #SameHere pictures or stories, and he will be championing the #SameHere lifestyle, himself. Darren believes passionately about this cause, and reached out personally to Eric to discover how he could get formally involved. Eric was so taken by Darren’s genuine interest, that he gave Darren the runway to form this Alliance to further spread the #SameHere message, globally. As you will read on his profile page, Influencers will share answers to two important questions: 1) Why did you decide to get involved with this Movement, specifically?, & 2) What do you hope this Movement will accomplish? If you are an Influencer wishing to join this Movement and The #SameHere Influencer Alliance, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Darren Rovell

Accomplished Sports Business Reporter and Twitter Institution

Luke James Shaffer

Professional Recording Artist and Creator of the Song: We’re All A Little Crazy

Bob Kravitz

Renowned Sports Columnist, Reporter and TV Personality

Prim Siripipat

Former ESPN SportsCenter Anchor, and Co-Host of “Spain and Prim” on ESPN Radio

Nadine Crocker

Actress and Model, Played A Large Role In “Cabin Fever,” Currently Writing Her Own Screenplay

Asheton Brown

“Smashton” is a Sprinter on the Track for Timex Team and a “Unicorn Ninja”

Natalie Pierre

Former Big-Time College Football Reporter, Now CEO of a Sports Media Agency

Matthew Cerrone

Creator, Lead Writer of SNYTV’s Mets Blog

Stephanie Michele

Host of Relatable with Stephanie Michele on YouTube

Winston Ben Clements

TEDx Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Change Agent & Diversity Specialists

Spencer Bledsoe

Two-Time contestant on the TV Show Survivor, and Mental Health Advocate

Sister Jean

America’s darling during the improbable Loyola-Chicago 2018 Final Four Run

Dr. Bhrett McCabe, PhD

2X NCAA Champ with LSU Baseball, Clinical & Sports Psychologist

Kyler Erickson

NCAA College Basketball Player who was Granted 6 Years of Eligibility for Mental Health Conditions; Motivational Speaker

Derek Hess

Legendary Artist and Mental Health Advocate

Stephanie Garcia

Professional Track Star and 2020 Olympic Hopeful

Tofe Evans

Endurance Athlete, Motivational Speaker, Advocate, Change Agent

Manny Wellz

Up and Coming “Funky” R&B Artist with Music Influenced by his Nigerian Roots

Thomas Michael “pka” Hazey Eyes

Eclectic Musical Performer & Producer With His Own Fresh New Sound

Tom Hoffarth

Longtime LA Sports Columnist and Media Critic, Honored by the Associated Press

Sydney Franklin

Musical Artist with a Magical Voice, Just Released Her First EP: Make It Hurt

Kenny Vasoli

Bassist and Lead Singer for The Starting Line, Vacationer, and Person L

Jack Riggins

Veteran with 20 Years of Naval Service Leading Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces Throughout the World

Darryll Stinson

Entrepreneur, Pastor, Speaker, and, Most Importantly, a Suicide Survivor

Josh Lewin

An American Sportscaster Who Works as a Play-by-Play Announcer for the UCLA Bruins Football and Basketball Teams and the Boston Red Sox

Matt Blois

A videographer who teaches anything golf from equipment to instruction

Brian Moore

2x All-American, college basketball athlete

Tyler Smith

Survivor, Humboldt Broncos Bus Crash

Todd Blyleven
Sports Technology & Brand Expert • TEDx Speaker- Inspirational Keynote Speaker • Former Pro Athlete & MLB Scout • Mass Shooting Survivor 

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