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We’re All A Little “Crazy” and its Alliance Members, made up of Athletes, Celebrities, Influencers, Expert Practitioners, Business Leaders, School/College Counselors & Administrators, & Athletic Directors, have committed to the following pillars, when it comes to our #SameHere Movement’s activation. Each Pillar of the #SameHere Movement, is incorporated into our programming you can read about above. While each program has been built to incorporate best practices in each focus area, the actual implementation is a full collaboration between our organization and yours. We’ll share all we have learned from the previous programs implemented, and you’ll let us know about the dynamics of your specific group, and together, we will put together a program designed to make enormous and lasting impact.

Pillar #1: Drive home the reality that mental health lives on a “continuum,” or in simpler words, a “scale” that stretches from “Thriving” to “Sinking.” It’s a fluid scale that everyone in the world lives and moves on, at different points in their lives (or even their days, weeks, months, etc.).  By understanding mental health in this broader context (broader than what we traditionally hear about: “1 in 5 with mental illness,” specifically), we can better educate every group we speak with about how mental health does in fact apply to them, their life experience, lifestyle, and even genetics. It also allows us to bring groups together around basic concepts and common language that can apply to any age group in the programs above. Join thousands of other classrooms around the world and access options for the #SameHere Scale Apps or large #SameHere Scale visuals for your classrooms.

Bob Delaney not afraid to flash his #SameHere sign to anyone to raise awareness. Not even Santa.

Pillar #2: Provide back-stories of mental health battles that athletes, celebrities, influencers and advocates in The Alliance have faced, in the hopes of helping others know they are not alone, and that they can find Alliance Members’ experiences they can relate to. We will work towards changing the global stigma once and for all, showing the world that this is a topic for “5 in 5.”  We all battle mental health to varying degrees.  Despite the perception that the lives of advocates and public figures are perfect, we will show how everyone is part of this #SameHere Tribe, living somewhere on the scale above, each with their own stories of life challenges to share.

Kim Barthel giving one of her many courses, internationally re: treating trauma through occupational therapy.

Pillar #3: Feature mental health experts from each of the worlds of: A) Integrative Psychiatry, B) Occupational Therapy & Neurobiology, C) Yoga for Mental Health, D) Qigong Meditation, E) Integrative Breathing Practices, F) Genealogy, G) Nutrition & the Brain/Gut Connection, H) Tapping/EFT, I) Havening, J) EMDR, K) Aromatherapy, and L) TRE, with more to come. Each expert provides resources recommendations on what we collectively call “STARR” Exercises (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring).  The STARR Exercises are made available on this website, as well as through our #SameHere Programs, above.  The goal is to provide ALL those who suffer from mental health complications on ANY level, or who are looking to be proactive, with resources to find the best and most effective paths towards health.

Pillar #4: Provide access to partner apps and technology that our Alliance and STARR Practitioners endorse, that provide effective healing practices.

Pillar #5: Take #SameHere Hero Story Submissions from everyday site visitors, and those we meet at our programs, related to how the stories of those in The Alliance, as well as other “#SameHere Heroes” convinced them to ask for and get help. We will then feature new “#SameHere Hero” submissions as top stories each day on this website, on our social media platforms, and even share these “real” stories at events.

John Kirwan, one of the greatest Rugby players of all time, doing great mental health advocacy work in New Zealand.

Pillar #6: Further fund/support the activities of the athletes and celebrities in our Alliance who are making an enormous impact, on the ground, around the globe.

Pillar #7: Promote media campaigns related to: We’re All A Little “Crazy” and ” The #SameHere Movement” to the masses, to attack the stigma head-on, and convince people that we are all affected by life; to open up and celebrate how our personal experiences have helped us each form our own personal and unique versions of “Crazy.”  Between a documentary being produced by two Emmy Award Winners and Endeavor Content Group, a #SameHere Show Podcast, and a number of brand partner projects, we are making sure this message is getting out there to the masses.

Theo Fleury conducting a mental health program at a local school in Canada.

Pillar #8: Build Proprietary Global Mental Health Movement #SameHere Programs allowing us to get face-to-face with: A) schools through #SameHere Schools Programs, B) colleges/universities through the #SameHere Sit-Down Programs, C) offices through #SameHere Safe Programs, D) our military & first responders through #SameHere Service Programs, and E) sports teams and leagues through #SameHere Sports Programs.  These programs will educate each segment on mental wellness, and teach prevention and healing practices that promote a healthier mind/body.  To find out more about a program with your school, college, office, veteran group, sports team, or other groups, click on the button below to fill out a program inquiry form, and someone from our office will contact you within a week.

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