If Not During Mental Health Awareness Month, When?

Excuse me for my frustration, but it’s friggin MH Awareness Month, another mass shooting happened (3 in a very short period of time), & the media/our politicians on both sides of the aisle don’t even mention MH education in schools.


Just like I shared that Theo Fleury called me, frustrated, hearing the same off-target campaign messages being repeated on MH Awareness Month…I am frustrated hearing the same messages every time there is a mass shooting: 1)What’s The Motive?, 2) Gun Law Changes, Alone, 3) Higher Security at Schools/Places of Worship, etc.


Once again, we are in the middle of MH Awarenss Month, these shootings happen & there is NO talk about MH Education in schools?? We only have two states: NY & Virginia currently requiring MH Curriculum in K-12s??


I get that gun laws are simpler to understand, & generate more voter interest/a quicker path to office. I get that people are always searching for the “why” someone would do something like this (& don’t understand that “harm to others,” even w/o a motive, is a symptom). But if we want to all live in safer: schools, offices, public spaces, places of worship, we must start to bring people together.


Hurt people – hurt people. If we don’t educate where the hurt comes from, how can we expect this to get any better?


It’s gonna have to be a grassroots effort, so I implore you all – contact your local districts & ask what their plans are. “Hiring more counselors” is not enough. What curriculum are they bringing in? What programs like #SameHere🤙 are they bringing in? We can’t sit back as this continues with no help, systematically, from those who have the power to make big changes – only bc it doesn’t get them the votes other issues do.


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