The Important Question Is: #WhatHappenedToYou



Invasive question? Maybe not.  Theo Fleury called me this afternoon & said – he’s so frustrated with hearing the same message perpetuated over & over again on these awareness days/weeks/months, etc.


Mental health is not about labels & diagnosis alone. However, that is all we continue to hear about through most mental health awareness campaigns & then we wonder why, if awareness is trending up, suicides are still at the highest they’ve ever been.


The real question we need to not be afraid to ask, as Theo eloquently states in his videos on our YouTube channel is: #WhatHappenedToYou?


Everyone on this planet has been through at least something. Whether it’s a trauma we have faced, a highly stressful set of life situations, or even epigenetics where trauma from past generations has been passed down to us, we all have something. And Theo & I & so many members of our team have repeatedly said #SameHere🤙, we have been through not just something, but many things.


So this week, we ask you to think about and share: #WhatHappenedToYou. The answer to THAT question is the common thread that ties us ALL together. That we have all faced at least something – life experiences & genetics, is at the center of everyone on this planet’s MH.


Let’s make sure everyone acknowledges that, and we can all begin to heal, together, in a way that awareness around labels alone, has not allowed us.


So Theo & I & the rest of the Alliance invite you to share – literally anything about challenges you’ve faced, & hashtag your story or video or posts with: #SameHere #WhatHappenedToYou. Let’s help show others we are all in this together.

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