Frontline Workers And Their Own Mental Health

These are the #RealHeroes. To see them participate in this campaign…and to have even the slightest bit of “fun” with it, amidst the chaos, makes my heart happy. Hope it does yours as well.

Our front-line workers have been our heroes throughout this pandemic – and even they are susceptible to what’s often called compassion fatigue.

At the end of the day though – we all each have a bucket that fills with “stuff.” We can experience that stuff in our own personal lives, experience it in an empathetic way as we help the lives of others (as front line workers do), obsessive over own thoughts that bother us…oh, and btw, each of us have a difference sized bucket/different capacities to hold our stuff (genetics), before our buckets start to overflow.

We are all in this together – regardless of our profession or service, right @riggins_jack?

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