The Pitfalls Of Work From Home Being The Norm

Kinda scary if this headline becomes the norm.

We recently posted a poll- if you had the choice of: 1) work from home forever, exclusively, or 2) make it a mix of home & office, & 92% of you chose “make it a mix.”

I’d be lying if I said the trends of thinking abt work places becoming 100% virtual didn’t scare me. This is coming from someone who can get analytical abt topics, & is thinking deeply abt what we may miss out on, if companies start to go 100% virtual – so, maybe I’m overthinking, but…

Every Thanksgiving, I go back to my old HS basketball coach, & practice w the team. I go back, as do a # of former players, bc I/we love the coach, the leader.  I love, even at 40, diving on the floor for loose balls, or taking a charge & getting him all fired up. I think one thing we love & crave as humans is working for/w ppl who fire us up, have similar passions – & the feedback we receive from them.

Think abt how much of that, face-to-face, goes away, if we take away office environments. Think abt what else goes away:

– In-person brainstorming that can bring abt the largest ideas as we read each other’s body language/energy as these ideas are shared.

– Direct & honest feedback. Our ability to communicate becomes abt chasing someone down, & not abt more casual everyday encounters. You’re even going to get less feedback from peers sitting next to you, hearing how you handled a certain situation. And when we don’t hear feedback, our minds spin abt – what our boss/colleagues think abt us.

-The social aspect of going out to lunch to take a “break from work.” The camaraderie that comes from letting off steam together/sharing what’s going on in our lives outside the office.

– Celebrating “wins.” One of the best aspects of being in a sports office together was having a large bell someone rung when they made a sale – the whole office clapped. Virtually, you can get a push notification, but you can’t feel the juice/energy.

– Trust that comes from reading ppl’s body language & judging how they really feel. It’s not the same on a screen as it is reading their energy.
Lots to consider abt this possible change!

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