Another Sports Story Highlighting System Changes Needed

This wknd, I got a text from someone I grew up idolizing – Dwight “Doc” Gooden from the Mets/Yanks. He shared this article w me. We engaged in a back & forth abt it (I’ll share below).

The reason I bring up Dwight is, it’s pretty awesome that we have an alliance of folks w platforms working together, to get a message out abt how much the “system” needs to change.

Short list of some of the group here, but folks like Chamique Holdsclaw, Theo Fleury, Robin Lehner, Jimmy Conrad, Hayden Hurst who collectively – not as an individual – want to see this topic turned in the right direction, w real, substantive change. They’re not looking to be the “savior of MH” as we often see in this space. Dwight sharing it to discuss shows teamwork & camaraderie.
Here’s what Dwight & I discussed as it pertains to this story/article.  Brandon Martin – the Rays Prospect, had been a 1st rnd pick in the 2011 MLB supplemental draft.  By 2015 he was no longer in baseball.

He’d threatened his father’s life & was sent by his fam to an emergency treatment facility center after the threat, & was released 2 days later! Upon his release, he came back to his house, killed his father & 2 who were w him, w a baseball bat. Those are some tough details to listen to.

Here’s what I want to highlight abt the story that Doc & I discussed. 1) this man, from the time he was little, was told that baseball would be his life & he’d be the next superstar. When that dream ended – just like for any of us (even if it’s something like sports), it leads to loss of purpose, loss of identity, etc. That is awfully hard to deal w. That’s not an excuse, it’s just a reality as to what often happens when things come to an abrupt end.

2) He was put in an evaluation hold for 2 days after making a threat. 2 days! He then went on to kill those 3 innocent ppl. Having spent time in a psych ward & having seen how insurance works & procedure works, we don’t get ppl the help they need in 2 days, even if they “seem” ok. That’s not enough time. Harm to others, harm to ourselves are both symptoms that don’t just “go away.” The system needs change. These ppl w platforms are a big part of it.

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