It’s Never Too Late To Make Your Big Impact

We lost a great one yesterday but he left us w a lesson that is so damn inspiring.

Was doing the math last night when Darren posted stories about his life: Alex was 43 when he STARTED on Jeopardy. He followed a host that was 59, & the studio execs picked Alex bc they wanted a “younger look.”

Consider that: the man whose name is synonymous w – talent, perseverance, genuineness, class, and the TOP person ever in his industry, didn’t start building that Jeopardy legacy until he was 43.

43 is still young. But it’s not “winning a top 20 under 20 award.” Does that matter? I think we all want purpose in our lives…identity & to make an impact.  With his story, hopefully it’s clear that we ALL can do that, starting at any age. It’s never too late. If that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is.

Rest In Paradise, Alex….but please know your story will live on to motivate so many to live their best lives.

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