Successful People Have Been Knocked Down Many Times

Life’s a series of getting knocked down, & getting knocked down again. This doesn’t mean life isn’t beautiful.  It means life’s often hard. Part of the beauty comes from getting back up each time you’re knocked down & wanting “it” that much more. The perspective you gain each time you rise makes the little things in life that much more beautiful.

I chose this pic bc Robin & Darren are 2 ppl who’ve lived that “get up, after u’re knocked down,” attitude.  W/ Robin it’s happened most on the ice. W/ Darren it’s happened most on TV/as a reporter.

I’m a stubborn SOB. My friends/fam know this. I hate getting knocked down. But, I hate staying down even more. I’d always had it in me to get back up…that was until the cumulative effects of getting knocked down so many times by life events, left me essentially dysfunctional. That led to the 2.5yrs where I was just a shell of a human.  Throughout it tho, I fought in any way I could. Even if fighting back then, meant just being able to get thru a day of misery, able to fall asleep & live another day. So why bring this all up?

In this space of advocacy, especially when you take an angle that’s not “conventional,” you can get knocked down a LOT. As Theo always says – “the 1st ones thru the wall get bloodied.” That’s in any change movement, but it’s especially the case on these SM channels.

Btwn censorship & suppression, as well as these channels having – let’s call it “diff motivations than what’s strictly good for the masses,” it means when you try to get thru that wall in a diff way, you’re gonna get bloodied.  What I can promise is, the ppl who I consider part of this TEAM are a part of it for a reason. They’re a part of it bc they all have shown a propensity to continue to get up even after getting knocked down.

Ok so we will use SM to get our msgs as far as we can. We’ll fight the censorship & suppression. But, it won’t stop there. It’ll continue school to school, boots on the ground…by events w sports teams & leagues…w grassroots fundraisers….w concerts…even 1:1 w calls. No SM companies will stop those who always get back up. This is but one medium.

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