Happy Thanksgiving – And A Conversation About Gratitude

We learned early on in 2020, & then throughout the course of the year, this wasn’t going to be the year to get everything we wanted. Instead, it has reminded us to appreciate everything we already have.

It’s amazing for us as a team, to look back & see who & what has come together to bring about positive change, globally. But the”who” is really the key element here – because nothing “we” do can happen without “you.”

And so, as the card says, we are so thankful for YOU. There are so many people now involved in this movement – from athletes to musicians, practitioners to doctors, CEOs to scientists, first responders to members of the military, teachers to superintendents, kindergarteners to college students, sports teams to entire leagues, everyday heroes to everyday post commenters, those of you who simply read our content to those of you who publicly root it on & ask for more.

It takes special people, all coming together & holding hands, to make real change happen on a societal level – especially to systems & messages that have been around for so long. You are those people. You are our people & we are grateful for how you’ve contributed to the change we are collectively making in this world. And that change, which is helping so many people feel less alone & understand they are part of our big & growing tribe, is never more important to realize than on a day like today.

Happy Thanksgiving and #SameHere from our whole team!

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