Pro Sports Team Partnerships: Starting With the Cavs


We’ve been meeting w the College & K-12 communities to bring #SameHere 🤙programming to create culture change, build awareness, & provide mental health education. Recently however, we were reached out to by the Cleveland Cavaliers – who have been at the forefront of the mental health conversation w their players & former head coach, sharing their personal battles.


The result is the formation the third branch of our outreach programs: a #SameHere🤙 Pro Sports Tour, beginning w the Cavs on 12/7. We’ll be doing an event, pregame w Lance Allred (the NBA’s first deaf player, not ironically for the Cavs & the newest member of the Celeb Alliance), as well as Dr. Jen Hartstein from the TSRR Practitioner Alliance.


Our goal w these events is to help teams not just provide value adds to ticket packages: like team-branded t-shirts/bracelets, etc., but instead to show their fans/communities that they CARE about their health & well-being & are willing to bring in programs to back that up. Teams have the ability to spread these important messages & form a much stronger relationship w fans – a win/win all around.
More to come on more sports team partnerships, but we want to crawl before we run & make sure we do these the right way.

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