Patterns In Our Brain

Short one here: sounds weird but as far as analogies go, the above helps me understand our brains. I’m a geek for the science behind why we are the way we are…act the way we do…& unfortunately fall apart at times the way it happens.

Most of us have seen patterns in the outfield of ball parks like this one – based on the direction the grass is cut. The mowers run over the grass very strategically & cut in either the same or different directions, to form these pathways & grids.


Very much an oversimplification, but our brains create pathways similar to these pattern. “Myelin Sheaths” form in our brains to insulate nerve cells & form “super highways” that allow for more efficient pathways through which electrical messages are carried. The more we think of or do something, the stronger those highways becomes (in the case of a baseball field, the more the patterns get set in place).


Hard to believe we can take back control of our thoughts & feelings when things aren’t going well. But think of your practice as driving a huge lawn mower, creating new paths for your thoughts to go down – creating new lines in the grass.


Maybe writing down things you are grateful for…or things that used to make you happy seems repetitive, useless, & a time waster. However, knowing you have control to create the patterns in your lawn should be all the motivation you need to continue working in the yard.

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