Introducing “Brain Training” To STARR

First off, is this not the cutest couple ever?  But perhaps more importantly, they’ve dedicated their lives, together, to helping others.

Excited to introduce “Brain Training” as the newest addition to the list of STARR Exercises. Here’s some background:

Siegfried Othmer PhD, BCIAC is the Chief Scientist at the EEG Institute in Woodland Hills, CA, & the President of EEG Spectrum. His wife, Dr. Susan Othmer BA, BCIAC is the Clinical Director of the EEG Institute. She been involved in clinical research & the development of neurofeedback protocols since 1988.

Together Siegfried & Susan developed the “Othmer Method” of Neurofeedback, which is now in use by well over 10,000 clinicians in ~ 50 countries.

The couple was drawn to the emerging field of brain training because of the intractable epilepsy of their 16-year-old son, Brian. The profound impact on his brain function led both to commit themselves to the further development of the method, which is often referred to as neurofeedback, neurotherapy, or EEG biofeedback.

How do we help the brain improve its own self-regulatory competence? We allow the brain to see itself in action. The electro-encephalogram, or EEG, is the means by which the brain can ‘observe itself’ in a novel way. And on that basis alone it is able to improve its own function naturally.

I love their method, love that their passion comes from a lived experience, & selfishly love that they’re both @cornelluniversity alums! Please welcome them. Their page is swipable in stories to learn more.

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