The Launch Of #SameHere Psych

It’s etched permanently in my head: sitting in a psych ward for the 1st & only time in my life, having a discussion on my 1st day w the attending psychiatrist at what’s supposed to be a top hospital in the country/world, & the following was shared w me: “Eric, over the last 2.5 yrs, you’ve tried every treatment there is. Your LAST RESORT is to do shock therapy.”

When I re-tell that story, ppl think I’m referring to the shock therapy, specifically, that deflated me. No, it was being told this was my last resort. As I’m sure many of you’d agree, I’d eat dirt every day for a yr, if it meant I’d begin to heal.

As most know the story, I began healing through the power of breathing practices. That led to an insatiable hunger to learn more abt any/all modalities that can heal.  That led to the concept of “STARR Exercises” (Stress & Trauma, Active Release & Rewiring)…& eventually a STARR list of practitioners so that we could have a dashboard list to view MH exercises just like we do physical health ones.

Still a piece was missing. My personal integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Brown – he explained to me what’d been going on in my system, biologically. He gave me tools to heal beyond my meds alone. As I shared his info, I couldn’t help but be upset that I couldn’t find similar practitioners like Dr. Brown all over the country/world, that l could recommend.  That was…until I met Dr. @andrewpleener.  He was like a younger Dr. Brown to me.

He began building what we believe will be the largest directory of integrative practitioners in the world (ppl who help you get to the source of what ails you, mind/body connection, true healing, modalities beyond meds alone). This is not for us to make $, not to get referrals. It’s strictly to help ppl find help in the BEST way possible, like I could not, till I found Dr. Brown.

Learn about the bkgrnd of the impressive group of founding members in the navigation bar under #SameHere Alliances – Psych. Many of the docs you know already from our alliance will join these founding members.

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