How Powerful Teamwork Can Be

Would love to know how many can relate, but one of the greatest feelings in the world to me, is teamwork.

Goes back to childhood- feeling a part of something bigger than myself.  Even when chosen to be captain on various teams, individual accolades always paled in comparison to team accomplishments.  There’s just something so special when groups of ppl come together: FOR others.

This month, MH Awareness month, has given me a renewed sense of teamwork – w/in our individual team, & across other teams we’ve partnered w (or even just began speaking w)…& I don’t use that term, partner, lightly.

This has been a month for many in this space where – maybe even bc everything’s so virtual amidst Corona – there’s more than ever expected in terms of producing content.

In doing so – you can go a # of ways: 1) live out on an island by urself & try to get it all done w ur company/brand alone, 2) “work” w other companies/brands by sharing logos & claiming u’re working together but stopping at the logo share, 3) actually rolling up ur sleeves, getting in the trenches, & genuinely having each other’s back all w the idea of serving the greater good & coming together as one large team, to make even a greater impact.

From calls, collaborations, live chats, etc., wanted to call out a bunch of orgs & folks who get “it” – the big pic that #3 above is all about.  Big props to @belouga__ & @evschwa & his whole team, @yourockfndn & @heffyson & @joseph_penola & their whole team, & @betr w @g_uttaro & her whole team.

Whether it’s actively creating cobranded logos to support each other’s campaigns, jumping on live chats to share audiences, encouraging followers to create their own content, even appearing in each other’s campaign videos – this is what true collab & holding hands for the common good looks like.

If the hypothesis holds true – that #5in5, 7 Billion ppl need to hear these msgs of hope & healing, only way we reach them all is by coming together.  7 Billion – there’s plenty of space for everyone to contribute to the impact, when the collabs are genuine.

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