You Don’t Need To Have It All Figured Out To Be Someone’s Hero

A community member of ours was sharing w me some of the struggles she’s been through – recently, & throughout the course of her life.

She shared her frustration in that many of the descriptions she’d read in other #SameHere Hero stories, & the events & obstacles they described were similar to what she has been through.  So I asked her: “Why would that make you frustrated.” And her response: “Because all these ppl you’ve shared have it all figured out w how to deal & get over these things, & I’m still struggling.”

That sent shock waves through me & is something I want to address directly. NO ONE on this planet has “it all figured out.” We are ALL works in progress & continue to be our entire lives.  Life involves a series of challenges & what we learn from them.

Some of us learn tools that help us to best manage the chaos & even how to thrive, despite the challenges…but the definition of a hero in the MH sense, especially as we celebrate MH awareness month, does not include someone who “has it all figured out.”

Why are these folks heroes? They’re heroes bc they were willing to be vulnerable & share their stories, publicly, in the hopes of helping others.  It’s that simple.  Yes many describe the knowledge they’ve gained, how their perspective has shifted, how much more they appreciate now. But I can promise you all, there’s not a single person who has shared their story on this platform who feels like they have everything always under control, their work is done, they are the model of great & balanced health & wellness.

I hope that clarity helps. You are a hero if you share to one person. To your family. To a single friend. To teammates. And yes…in forums like this.

Vulnerability is the true key to connection. No one gets through this world alone. Our connections buoy us up when we need them most. Your stories you share – they are those buoys, & you are heroes for sharing them, no matter how far along you feel in your journey.

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