California Funds Mental Health Hotline

A tremendous step by the state of California.


Let’s cut to the chase of the details: $11 Mill in funding, spanning over 3yrs, to have a text & call line where folks NOT in crisis situations, can call & get help, peer support, referrals abt how they are feeling, emotionally. The hope is for this to be a 24/7 line.


A # of opinions on this: 1) In 2019, this is needed & impt. Many/most folks still don’t feel comfortable asking friends/fam for help, for fear of judgement. This type of line provides another avenue & it’s not JUST a crisis line. That type of proactivity is great. Helps ppl talk out their stuff before crisis develops.


2) That said, the article states 20% of adults in the US experience “MH challenges,” (not even disorder specifically). WHAT? Now we are talking only abt challenges, alone, & we STILL are using the 20% #? Talk abt downplaying the issue..& talk abt discouraging folks from using it, bc they don’t believe they are in the 20%. Why is that # even referenced?


3) We have to get to a place in a few yrs (maybe it’s 5, maybe it’s more – where calling strangers is no longer needed). This is a great bandaid solution – but we must continue to work on campaigns like #SameHere, where we acknowledge we ALL face challenges that affect our MH, so that it’s socially comfortable to reach out to fam/friends for help.


4) Love seeing a state putting MAJOR $ towards a solution like this. Would however like to see that type of $ go toward MH education/curriculum/programs in K-12s. Federal govt hasn’t done enough for decades. Seems like it’s on the states to do it.


A great step. A bandaid step. But the right direction…& something to be applauded. Info on our 10/10 activities w the Brooklyn Nets coming soon.

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