9/13/21: The Power Of The Innocence Of Children

Have shared recently that it’s been a tough run. Loss of two friends…one from HS, one who helped me when I was at my lowest. Then the news that one of my closest friends growing up as a kid, lost his dad yesterday. Someone who was a fixture in my childhood.

At times when it rains, it can pour. The timing of our “stuff,” we don’t get to control. All we can control is how we react to it all. How we try to find comfort in the chaos.

For me right now, that’s videos, pics, & interactions w my niece, Bailey. Her joy for life, while things are simple to her, brings me joy.

We can’t pour from any empty cup. So when life drains us, we need things like this that are simple, that we can go back to, that start to refill it.

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