9/12/21: Sticking To Your Routine No Matter What

I’ve been there…I am there right now…& the only way to feel better (from what I’ve learned – over many failed other attempts at trying to find different ways – is to be open about it, face it, & keep diligent about it, till you get past it).

For some reason (as much as it frustrates us), we’ve come to accept that working on our physical health comes w plateaus & even setbacks.

Tried to lose weight in the past? I’m sure no matter how hard you’ve gone at it on the treadmill, you’ve had weeks where you not only didn’t drop the lbs you’d hoped, but you’ve gained weight. Felt bloated.

Tried putting on muscle or strength? I’m sure you’ve had weeks where you come in lifting less, or seeming like your muscles have even atrophied when looking in the mirror.

Those experiences are frustrating – no doubt. But we’ve become accustomed to them. And we know if we keep going & sticking to a routine, things eventually turn. We often have to make tweaks along the way, but we know results come in the long run by staying diligent.

We don’t afford ourselves the same luxury of acceptance when it comes to our MH routines. I’ve been on a stretch recently that makes NO sense. Been following my routine to a T! Micronutrients, gym, meditations, yoga, eating well…& yet…my brain feels a mess, words don’t come as quickly to me when I write/talk, rewards centers are low/non existent. Why?

It could be for SO many reasons. Maybe travel has gotten to me bc it’s new now after such a long stretch w/o it. Maybe the news is getting to me. Maybe it was the loss of my friends. Maybe it’s none of that & it’s just my body’s chemistry changing for whatever reason.

With MH we owe ourselves plateaus & setbacks, EVEN when we are doing everything “right.” If you are frustrated, I feel you. But I’m w you. Let’s keep going.

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