8/8/21: Understanding Each Other’s Mind Is Deeply Intimate

You read this quote, & your mind goes to a relationship…usually btwn 2 partners.

With partners, intimacy can come from attraction, a spark, a connection of energies…but of course it can come in a very deep way from knowing each other’s minds, thru what we’ve revealed – & most often what we’ve revealed as it pertains to our challenges & pain.

But that type of intimacy doesn’t only form btwn 2 partners. It can form btwn fam members, friends…coworkers & even members of communities.

I shared in Stories, I went far upstate NY yesterday, to visit a friend & celebrate the birth of his 2nd daughter. It’s a friend from college & bc the trip is relatively far…wknds can be packed, so not many of our college friends made it.

It was a pool party & I didn’t know too many/any ppl…so I got in my suit & jumped in, & my friend & I started catching up.

Over the yrs, we’ve each been thru a lot & he’s the type of guy who’s not afraid to open up/share. I understand his quirky mind. He understands mine. There’s an intimacy there that bonds us.

The last time we saw each other was at the isles/lightning playoff game. He’s from Tampa, so we had diff rooting interests. It got me to thinking back to that nt.

I mentioned above, communities can know each other intimately…our minds…& sometimes w/o ever even having spoken personally. If u’re an isles fan you know each other’s minds from the “pain” of not much success going back to ‘82. Jets fans in NY – “Same Old Jets” back to ‘69. Knicks fans – putrid, back to ‘73.

There’s intimacy in knowing each other’s pain. ANY vulnerability in our minds – whether you know each other deeply personally or not. Just something to consider when it comes to opening up to others.

Intimate bonds can & are formed from knowing each other’s pain in our minds. The experiences DO NOT have to be EXACTLY the same. Just a shared understanding. Consider that when listening to this wk’s episode of WAALC w @will.vanderveer.md & why he switched to integrative medicine.

MH & intimacy w/in, does not require the same diagnosis or label. It requires vulnerability & empathy, opening our minds to ANY shared pain.

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