8/10/21: Our Mental Health Is Always Moving

Kindred spirits is an awesome concept. Ppl w similar passions…or on a similar mission. It can come from so many diff commonalities.

We have a lil’ networking group we started a few months ago. SameHere is a concept, an idea, a network, a program. It’s not a brick & mortar location. But…we were getting reached out to BY a # of brick & mortar locations, to collaborate.

It happened enough times w folks like @safespacecny & @cfwwyyc, that we decided to bring everyone together on what’s now gonna be a monthly call to share ideas & a consistent msg.

What do these physical locations have in common? They’re centers that invite ppl in, as groups, for classes & session to work on modalities to address resilience, “prehab” & “rehab” when it’s comes to our MH. What a concept: a Gym for the Brain!

Yes we do this w STARR Exercises on our website, apps, at programs in schools/offices, but to have partners doing it in their physical locations, w “patients,” is awesome. There should be one of these on every corner of every street, just like there’s a Gold’s Gym. Why? Bc just like physical health, we ALL have MH.

So on the call last nt, we had a new member join us: Dr. Candice Feinberg from @rowiteen. We’re going arnd explaining the concept of our networking group & why we’re coming together to put out a consistent msg that’s diff than the whole binary “1 in 5/stop stigma model,” so that Candice could get acclimated, before she shared abt the 6 locations she has out in Cali (check them out btw).

We’re all waxing poetic abt MH on a continuum, “5in5” not “1in5,” etc…& Dr. Feinberg just blurts out: “Uh yeah, I tell our patients all the time, it’s just a reality: your MH is always moving one way or the other.”

We each stopped, & almost in unison said: That’s amazing, I’m stealing that for tomorrow’s post.

Conceptually you can say things over & over again. Sometimes it takes hearing the SAME concept, a NEW way, for it to hit ya like a ton of bricks. This one did for us. MH doesn’t stay stagnant when we don’t work on it.

We ALL have a choice. Which way do we WANT it to move? A lot depends on the work we’re willing to put in.

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