We Are You At The Party?

Who are you at the party?


Was out w an, um…friend, last night, & after some quiet drinks we went to go listen to some live music at a nearby bar. The band was great – played a lot of hits ppl could dance to.  It made me think of something that always comes up when I’m at “parties” – whether they be weddings, birthdays, retirements bar/bat mitzvahs, etc., & that’s that there are some pretty well-defined personalities that come out when music is going & there’s a vibe in the room.


I posted a pic of my buddy’s wedding from a while ago to show that I have at least the ability to loosen my tie every so often & get let loose (feel like I needed that for some street cred). But here are some of the “personalities” you see at parties or when live music is playing. Do you fit into any of these descriptions? Are they too narrow?


A) the first person out on the dance floor, doesn’t need a partner, doesn’t care what anyone thinks of them, just grooves to the music on their own. (This category includes the person w a unique dance move he/she brings out every time the party gets hopping).


B) the couple that attacks the dance floor together, doesn’t matter the music, they’re up & at it, slow song or high pace.


C) the person who comes alone, doesn’t mind mixing it up w friends, loves feeling the music, but just goes from open partner to open partner bc dancing w someone feels better than dancing alone.


D) the person who enjoys the vibe of the music, watches kinda from the sidelines, but is bopping their head/arms/shoulders/feet to the beat.


E) the one who loves hanging out by the bar..it’s comfortable there…getting a drink is simple…talking to friends is more their vibe than tearing up the rug.


F) the person who doesn’t dance but loves hopping table to table, to talk/catch up w whomever is in the room they haven’t seen for a while.


G) the person/couple who gets up on the floor only when it’s a big moment – father/daughter dance, couples first dance, hora, etc.


H) the person/couple who sits at their table, isn’t much into dancing, watches everyone else…& is content to not have to get up.


Maybe I’m oversimplifying, but can you place yourself, you/your partner in one of those categories? I’d say I’m maybe a B/C hybrid depending on if I have a date or am the solo guy.


Here’s the bigger question – do you believe where we fit in those categories says anything/a lot/nothing at all, about our personalities, generally? About how we attack life, generally? About how content we are? How comfortable we are in our own skin? Dare I say, how happy we are?


Don’t mean this to be a knock on those who don’t dance. I know some very happy ppl who just don’t love to move to the music. But curious if any of you have also thought about how we act at parties/around music & what it might say about how we are feeling, generally.

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