How And Why Social Media Platforms Supress Mental Health Accounts

After sharing data in stories, I had a # of you ask me to expand on IG/Fbook & what incentive they’d have to suppress posts. (if I end up in a ditch after this, you know who’s responsible). But I can’t sit back as these things are done & remain quiet.


As this account began to grow in popularity, I started noticing that despite the growing # of followers, the # of you getting fed our posts was diminishing greatly. (Our most recent post up for many hours, we have 15.7k followers, & under 500 of you were fed it).


When I posted that, a # of you reached out to let me know that you’d turned on notifications for our posts, & IG had toggled it off, w/o your permission.


I researched what was happening w some of the more popular “natural healing” sites like Brene Brown & Dr Mark Hyman & found that across Google & these social platforms, their msgs were being suppressed too. Apparently, I wasnt the only crazy one.


Here’s the simple common denominator: pharma, insurance, dairy – the largest industries in the world are also the largest ADVERTISERS on these platforms. What does that mean? Your spend means you have leverage. You can direct the platforms you spend on – which organic msgs (like ours, & the ones mentioned above) to suppress.


Why suppress these msgs? Bc we give alternatives to 1) drugs as the ONLY cures, 2) dairy products, 3) how you can fight for MH coverage. These are just SOME of the msgs they don’t want out there. The funny thing is, we talk abt drugs as a tool IN the STARR tool box…but bc we don’t talk abt drugs as flat out cures on their own, we’re suppressed.


So what can we do? We can work together. Accts like these. Accts like the ones mentioned: 1) keep checking post notifications are turned on. 2) SHARE these posts w friends – in stories, on your own posts, word of mouth. “Likes” are less impt than that the info gets out there & together we can work to save lives.

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