#SameHereSchools A Possibility?

Could we have “#SamehereSchools” one day? This morning I was fortunate enough to meet with the “PPS” or Pupil Personnel Services group of a local elementary school in NY (Psychologist, Social Worker, Behaviorist and more). We discussed the difficulty some students have in communicating problems arising in school and at home or w/ friends. Often (especially at young ages), these students don’t know how to express their emotions w/ respect to difficulties they are having. They bottle things in, and as a result, their feelings escalate and behavioral problems arise. What if teachers and students were aligned w/ a universal symbol when help was needed…when they weren’t feeling themselves…when they needed a small break? What if flashing a sign at a teacher or school staffer, or pointing to a picture of that sign on the walls in the schools helped them to communicate that they needed some support and someone to talk with?


Keep an eye out for pilot schools where we plan to implement this program, launching with interactive assemblies. Let’s provide students with an easy means to communicate…and the chance for them to learn more about what they may be feeling as opposed to bottling it up. #Samehere

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