Making The Most Of What We Can Celebrate

I continue to be encouraged by the human spirit & resolve, amidst the challenges to “life as usual” we’re all facing.

It’s one thing to try to make up for the changes, by doing what we can to “normalize” our experiences back as close to what we are missing, as before.

It’s another thing to use the things we DO have, to make the experiences potentially even better or more unique than what we were accustomed to.

Couple of examples here: I shared in stories that our board member & my good bud back from HS days, Jaime, had a bday coming up. Well instead of Zoom, what did his wife set up? They had the kids make him a bday crown, & had fam & friends drive as a parade, across his driveway & spread bday cheer as he & his kids got to look on.  His son Charlie even led the “parade” driving his own little electric car as his sister, Lex, held up a sign for daddy.

Top corner, my buddy Evan, who works in advertising & has saved my ass w video production many a times, put together a video w him & his two little beautiful girls – there you see the youngest, wishing mommy a happy bday!

Our friend Patty, who’s all abt her fitness, set up a make-shift gym ON her patio, so she could get the gym experience, from home, in the fresh air of Colorado, & still find a way (read the sign if you can) to cheer up the spirits of others.

My bud Mitch, who volunteers his time doing magic shows for kids at hospitals, special needs schools, etc., decided to set up “Mornings w Mitch” from his basement. He’s continuing to entertain, & bring joy, & by doing them over “Live” on social media, he’s potentially reaching even more people than he was able to at his events.

I’m sure most would trade these times, to go back to the ability to see one another up-close, hug one another, to spend time going to dinner together, watch games, share presents, etc. But, to see the power of human resolve & creativity is a beautiful thing.  And if nothing else, to watch how people have chosen to go above & beyond for their loved ones & friends is amazing.

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