5/9/21: Relationship With Mom Are About How We Make Them Feel

Was thinking about what to write about my own mom today that might resonate w others, generally, & this is what came to mind.
Thinking back over the course of my life…I can’t remember the details of the many gifts my mom gave me on my bdays…or special occasions.  And…I’m pretty sure I haven’t been the best at even buying tangible gifts for her.
But what does stick in my mind is the unconditional love & support we’ve shown each other.  Like most mother/son relationships, we’ve had our fair share of fights.  We are both very stubborn.  However, we have both been there for each other, no matter what.
It’s been that way in good times – like my little league games, travel soccer tournaments, all the way to presentations I give now at schools, as an adult.  It’s even been that way at rough times – like when trying certain treatments (like Ketamine) that she was vehemently against. She’d come along for the appointments to be by my side.
And it goes the other way – I remember being 9 & being one of her strongest supports when her father (my poppy) died…all the way to good times, like celebrating awards she has won for various organizations she’s done work.
At the same time I’ve read accounts from folks on here like @_mindful_michael_ who shared that even tho their moms “gave” them THINGS…the way they made them FEEL, left them w adulthood of having to dig out of some tough feelings of self-worth. 
For those who’ve been fortunate to have the support I’ve had, those gifts far surpass any THINGS we’ve been given. And for those like Michael, where the support hasn’t been there, I see the work you are doing now to find what you weren’t given, & recognize how strong you are.
Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, grandma Hanna (who also gives unconditional support), & all the moms out there who give unwavering love.

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