How Is Being in "Therapy" Any Different Than Going To The Gym?

When we were meeting w the comedians last wk, Theo Fleury told the group: “I know I’m going to be in therapy the rest of my life & I’m completely OK w that.”
It occurred to me when he shared that – why should we as a society even have to say that – even if someone is “strong enough” to reveal that openly? It shouldn’t be a big deal. But it still is.
When muscle men & women, track stars, world’s strongest contest participants, swimmers, & just every day fitness enthusiasts go to the gym, daily, to work on their physical bodies, we call them strong/disciplined (& a bunch of other complimentary adjectives). We say things like: “No Pain, No Gain,” “Balls To The Wall,” “The Weak Not Apply.” When we see senior citizens at the gym, we marvel at their determination/commitment. Likewise, when we see both men & women painstakingly choose foods that are good for them, at the supermarket or restaurant, we applaud their resolve.
Given all the examples above, aren’t all these healthy folks in THERAPY for their PHYSICAL bodies for “the rest of their lives”?
Why then should it be considered ANY different when someone works on their MH as long, as hard, as diligently? Mental Health therapy is typically only once a week! Imagine gym enthusiasts only going once a week? Practices like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices: are they any different than doing the daily practices we do for our sports & agility – like sidelines & layups & box jumps?  One is body training/one is brain training.
We need to stop perpetuating this concept that the gym & athletics are cool – & we can wear shirts to proudly display that, but therapy & TSRR practices are for the weak. Heck, I wear my “Crazy” shirt proudly – on stage & in everyday life (we’ll have those sweatshirts/hats/T’s available shortly), but I cant wait for a day when the majority out there are as proud to wear their “Crazy” & the fact that they are working on it, out in the open, just like it’s acceptable to wear our “Muscle Beach” shirts all over town. We can get there!

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