#SameHere Progress Report For Year One

Like any year, 2018 had its ups & its challenges. In the spirit of focusing on the good, having nine windows + one write-in winner, in our first year of operations, here’s what we (meaning all of you in this community) accomplished together in only 12 months.


Let’s keep this growing so we can continue to improve & save lives, & reverse the MH trends that have been negative for far too long. This starts from top left, across, & then back to the left to start each row:


1) Launched a #SameHere🤙 Sit-Downs Tour w college campuses from @cornelluniversity to @uscedu.


2) Launched a #SameHere🤙Sports Tour with fans w the @cavs & a number now lined up going into the new year.


3) Launched a #SameHere🤙Schools program for K-12s, with an eye on making this a part of Long Island schools’ (& beyond) standard curriculum along with @thesophiavalsamosfoundation.


4) Launched a #SameHere🤙Students program w the likes of #OwnYourRoar at @towsonuniversity to #DukesLetsTalk at @jamesmadisonuniversity.


5) Launched a podcast the @samehereshow w @imkyleandrew set to announce a number of new episodes in the new year.


6) Partnered on the launch of a spring water, “Inspired,” with some generous folks up in Canada, displaying our website & Movement message on the labels. Bottles will be sold all over the world in 2019.


7) Speaking of website, launched weareallalittlecrazy.org in April, highlighting #SameHere🤙 stories of celebs, influencers, everyday heroes, TSRR practitioners, blogs & tools to cope & thrive.


8) Added even more members (35) of the celeb & influencer alliances, from Germany to Utah.


9) Added many more #SameHere🤙Heroes & Advocate’s spanning from Indonesia to Brazil.


10) Not Pictured – getting to know all of you – the “Crazy” #SameHere🤙 community we love being a part of more & more as each day goes by. Thanks for making it feel like one – misfit family, who all fit bc we all recognize we’re ALL part of the same misfit tribe on this earth. Let’s continue to grow this movement, together!


Much health, love, & happiness for all #5in5 of you in 2019.

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