Why Current Suicide Prevention Ads Don’t Work

“What could’ve been so bad that they CHOSE this.”
“When you CHOSE to end you’re life, it’s a permanent solution to solve a temporary problem.”
“CHOOSING suicide doesn’t end the chances of life getting worse. It eliminates the chances of it getting better.”
It’s September 2020!…it’s Suicide Prevention Month yet again, at a time when the #s are still on the rise, amidst a pandemic & other social stressors, & we’re seeing the SAME campaigns all over again, which perpetuate the ideas that: suicide is always a CHOICE that ppl make, & that other “alternatives” are better. When are we going to learn? When’s this “industry” & this “space” gonna change?
I’m not going to deny that there are SOME cases of suicide that come abt from specific situations: a breakup, a divorce, a job loss, etc. However, from my own experience w ideations, & w the thousands I’ve spoken w since starting this work, we’re discounting how suicidal thoughts actually FEEL, many/most times, in the heads of sufferers.
I chose this pic bc it’s a good representation. From the cumulative build-up of stress & trauma: our brains can break (just like any other body part/organ), & we can start to experience “error messages.”
For me, it felt like thoughts going down the wrong tracks, on repeat, saying – swallow that bottle of pills, swallow that bottle. 1) Nothing “bad” situationally had recently happened. 2) I couldn’t stop the thoughts no matter how much I wanted to. 3) It felt like there was a magnetic pull towards the bottle. 4) The more I stressed abt it & felt like I was the only “alien” to have these feelings, the stronger the anxiety got/stronger the thoughts.”
I WASN’T choosing anything. It, was choosing ME, & you hear the stories of trains & bridges & buildings – these things choose US. Sorry to get specific, but it’s needed if we’re going to be real & see change in this space.
Let’s stop blaming those who’ve attempted…those we’ve lost, by perpetuating the same old fallacies thru campaigns.
Look forward to launching new programs w friends @kevinhinesstory @haydenrhurst @haydenhurstfoundation to address this proactively.

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