When You Accomplish What Others Say You Can’t

Short one today.  Couldn’t be prouder of the man who wears #SameHere on his helmet & pads, every night – @robinlehner40.
Short background – his whole playing career ppl have been saying “he can’t do it”…”he’s too big & slow”…”his alcohol & drug & addiction problems make him a risk & liability.”
Last night on hockey’s biggest stage, Robin proved all the doubters wrong. There weren’t just doubters from the factors above, there were doubters for THIS game.  It was a final Game 7 of a major series, he had played the night before, & many in the media were chirping about how his teammate – a superb goalie w a long history in the playoffs, Marc-Andre Fleury, should start in his place. This is nothing against Fleury. He’s a solid human being & amazing goalie.
But, Robin took the chirping, used it as motivation, & recorded a shut out, with some HUGE acrobatic saves, his third shut out of the series, & a series win to move to the next round, the Western Conference Finals.
Robin’s been told his whole life, that he can’t.  His Bipolar, his PTSD diagnoses, his addiction…& yet despite labels & obstacles, he’s continued to work & improve. He’s now proving to everyone that he can.  So happy for the guy. He deserves it. Anyone who’s come back from challenges & been told you can’t – you deserve this type of outcome too. Hard work DOES pay off, & this is a prime example.

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