When #SameHere Works In Schools

Got this pic & note from one of the schools we recently worked with, @severnschool:

“Yesterday our Umbrella Club hosted a ‘Let’s Talk’ lunch. A continuation of the workshop (a #SameHere event we hosted w them) from Unity Day. The boy who spoke back that day, at this ‘Talk’ event, yesterday, shared his story, and the club advertised ahead of time he’d be doing so. ‘Come to listen, learn, ask questions, or share your own story,’ the Club advertised.  50 kids showed up. About a dozen were boys.  Another girl chose to share during the lunch. The whole thing was very powerful.  A lot of momentum. Thank you again!”

I get asked all the time, what can we do once we have the initial launch assemblies/company meetings/professional development sessions, to keep the momentum going.  Severn School provided a glimpse as to the answer, here.  These pics provided yet another glimpse.

The power of #SameHere is not that it’s the name of a program…or a brand…or a hashtag…or even a call to action.  Instead, it’s a foundation for a way of life.  #SameHere is an acknowledgement that we ALL, every person in this “group” (of students, teachers, employees, fans, first responders, whoever we meet w, etc.), face challenges that impact us, & therefore we are all part of the same team, can be vulnerable, & support one another.

The “launches” are just the first step.  From there, it’s teacher trainings, it’s using the Scale to find out where students/employees are, it’s halving “Talk” events (once we’ve established it’s #5in5 & not #1in5), it’s creating clubs like the Umbrella Club that give ppl a safe space to share, & it’s creating the concept of STARR rooms – “a gym for the brain” where anyone can go to proactively work on their MH.

This pic makes me happy – so happy, bc it’s a group of ppl all saying – we ALL face “things” at varying levels.  Once that’s established, the story sharing like Severn explained, the inclusion of “the boys opening up,” is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s possible. Beautiful to partner w groups that want to be change agents!

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