When Public Figures Hurt Progress With Their Comments

Two major reactions by “personalities” over the past few days, that absolutely destroy progress in this space, that must be called out & dragged to the mat.

First, a “YouTuber” named Jake Paul w 16+ Mill followers, & 3+ Mill on twitter, tweeted out this beauty abt anxiety (first slide).

I may be old school in that I don’t follow YouTubers, but the scary thing – & why I provided the follower #s, is that this is who our kids follow, & when they put out statements like this, w misinformation, it absolutely not only destroys progress, but sets us back.

Look how many ppl “liked” his tweet abt anxiety: 21.6k ppl AGREE/SUPPORT this line of thinking: broad brush statement, that WE CREATE our anxiety.
Maybe he’s never heard of epigenetics.  Maybe he’s never had a loved one diagnosed w a terminal illness where you’re scared shitless abt getting bad news.  Maybe he’s never been let go from a job, unexpectedly, not knowing where his next source of income will come from.

This type of “tough guy” mentality is so wrong. And now that many have called him to the mat, he’s saying – “well at least I started a convo abt anxiety.” No…we have to do everything we can to denounce these comments & behaviors. It’s terrible. In the same vein, take a look at what happened w the co-chairman, David Gold, of the premier league soccer team, West Ham. Thank you to my brother @simonsaysgb for bringing this horrific display to my attn (one we in the US might not have found out abt).

Following up on the story abt @carolineflack’s suicide this past wknd, Gold was called out for “liking” a tweet that called Flack “weak” after news of her suicide broke. So what is Gold doing? Donating money to a MH charity.

That this happened in pro sports is appalling to me. But it’s all too representative of how so many in the sports world feel, at exec levels. It’s why active athletes can’t be open as much as we’d like, & why ppl like @robinlehner40, @haydenrhurst & @imanitrishawn are heroes FOR being so open in their primes.
We need more than ppl w platforms who make ridic statements like this, to make donations. We need them to join the fight & educate correctly.

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