What We Learn When We Lose People Who “Had It All”

A wake-up call, not just for the sports world, but for the entire world.

Hilary Tisch, the daughter of the co-owner of the NY Giants was:
✅- Beautiful
✅- Successful
✅- Well-Educated
✅- An owner of two homes & had all the materials possession one could want
✅- Doing what she was passionate about
✅- Engaging in meaningful volunteer work for “Project Smile”
✅- Loved on by her family (a successful fam that partially owned one of the biggest teams in sports)
✅- Someone who had her whole life ahead of her

The clichè campaigns of “This is what depression looks like” don’t cut it anymore.  Seeing celebs that “smiled” in pics before a suicide aren’t cutting through & changing behavior. We know little about their lives other than – they “looked happy on TV.” Instead, the details of what a person had “going for them” in their day-to-day lives & the realization that ANYONE, no matter how long the check list above may be, is susceptible, is what we must hammer home.

Suicidal thoughts are error messages. Depression or not…diagnosis or not, they can come “out of nowhere” after a build up life stresses & traumas.

It’s time our society once & for all made this an open topic that we ALL discuss, bc we are ALL susceptible. We teach Fire Safety & learn “stop, drop, & roll” at the earliest ages, when so few will ever catch on fire.  Why aren’t we openly educating about suicide & suicidal thoughts in the same way?

We’ll be pushing schools, & governments, in the coming months to focus more on this topic – even providing tools like stop, drop, & roll, but w acronyms focused on suicide prevention. Please join us in putting pressure on the schools in your area.

RIP Hilary…awful tragedy & we have to get real about reversing these trends.

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