What We Are Not Doing For Mental Health Amidst COVID

There’s likely no part of the title of this recent ABC article that shocks anyone, sadly. 

Upon reading further into it, & other recent articles (spanning the political spectrum) here’s what I’ve come across – calls for proposals to better fund MH. Here’s a sample of one of the article’s asks:

That local, state, & federal govts. take the following actions:
1) Provide an immediate increase in funding to Medicaid providers, & in-need communities.
2) Increase funding for peer support & community based services.
3) Address the social determinants of MH.
4) Commit to permanently funding these programs.

Anyone else read this list & immediately think, SERIOUSLY? Like how in the world are these simplistic things NOT already happening, given how ppl are being impacted?

I get it. This pandemic rocked our world, & decisions & funding for general needs had to be taken care of. Things like $ for small businesses to keep employees afloat (PPP), $ for PPE for front-line workers, $1,200 stimulus checks for those making under a certain amount, return to school plans, etc. 

Ok & on top of this, the good folks in D.C. (again both sides of the aisle) are playing chicken bc big elections are coming up, & are unwilling to compromise on extensions on the above bc it may seem like a “win to the other side.”

Fine, we get all of that. And I’m sorry to curse but w the obvious being what we’re seeing in the title of this article – HOW IN THE F is MH not even a topic of convo when it comes to funding? When Congress gets together? When the candidates debate? 

If we think there’s rising MH #s now, just wait for the long term impacts. Unfortunately I know first-hand how stress/trauma build cumulatively & take us down months/yrs later. 

MH has always taken a back seat. Maybe they think it’s a more complicated solve. Maybe it doesn’t drive enough votes. Maybe lobbyist/industries don’t want it addressed bc we’re more valuable sick.
This CANT happen any more. The time to talk, act & fund for this avalanche approaching us is NOW. Please speak up – write letters, make calls. If we don’t make noise, nothing will change.

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