What Good May Be Coming From This Challenging Time?

My bud from college sent me & a couple of our friends this group photo from our freshman yr, yesterday. Clearly it’s not in the best shape…as it was from an era when we didn’t have digital photos…& clearly, this quarantine exercise is giving some, the time to sort thru old boxes of photos.

It was awesome to receive, however. It was awesome to be on a txt chain w my friends, reliving old times.  Awesome to know that friends were thinking of each other. May sound like simple pleasures, but not something that happens too often in the hustle/bustle of everyday life.
It got me to thinking: the devastation of this time period no doubt has many things that are challenging abt it: the sickness of hundreds of thousands so far, the loss of life of many thousands, the economic uncertainty, loss of jobs, fear of job stability, etc.  But what the sending of this pic above did, is it made me think of all the good that IS coming from this very strange time period in our lives (not just here in the US, but across the world).

Previously, I’d shared abt what positive changes in the long term, we may see, as a result of this pandemic. However, there’s so much happening in the short term, that’s also diff & can be seen as positives, that I’m hoping my personal list helps motivate you to think abt what opportunities have opened up for you:

– My dog’s never been happier. I’m spending every waking moment w him. I’m not leaving the apt for hrs at a time, forcing him to be home alone.
– I’m not as in a rush when my grandmother calls & just wants to “check up.” Hearing her say: “I just wanted to see how you’re doing” no longer feels like it’s impeding work progress…I’m actually taking in her words.
– Work projects I “never had time for” – like logo consistency, I’m finding the bandwidth to attack.
– I’ve learned how to make a few dishes on my own; my skills no longer reserved to microwave alone. And I enjoy each bite instead of rushing back to work.
– Boredom has enabled me to ideate new concepts & think to more we can do in this space in the wks & months to come.
– I’m getting to see friends babies actually grow up in pics & videos!

Just some…hope they help.

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