What Do You Even Say?

Is there a “right” thing to say when a friend, neighbor, teammate, colleague tragically loses a loved one?


Meg Mraz tragically lost her incredibly sweet 28 yr old brother Robbie (pictured w her), yesterday.


Meg got her start in sports w us at the Devils, 6ish years ago. She was a natural fit for an opening we had in our service department, as she’s the type of person who stops at nothing to make sure others are taken care of. When I went to the Panthers, Meg, in typical fashion, threw a going away party & handled all the logistics. When we had our launch party for WAALC’s Alliance last year, not surprisingly, she was the MVP – securing sponsorships, hotels, food partners, etc. So, I’m not surprised that Yankees/Legends now employs her as one of their top service staffers at the Stadium in the Bronx.


It was therefore the opposite of easy last night when Meg told me about the sudden passing of her brother, in his sleep. We still don’t know all the details, other than this was a tragedy this tight-knit, great family did not deserve.


What do you offer in terms of words or actions when someone so deserving of support, loses someone so tragically? There are a lot of standard lines you see often used – “thoughts & prayers w you & your fam at this difficult time.” Those lines are littered all over Meg & her family’s fbook pages, & they absolutely suffice – especially when it’s so hard to know what specifically to say.


In terms of what ppl going through the tragedy want to hear most – my guess (& it’s obv different for everyone), is that you’re there to speak to them & just be an ear at any time of the day, no matter how early/late, & take care of anything they need. That’s what community, & true friendship is about – it’s about being there FOR others…& I truly believe it’s in the arms of community that we feel most comforted. From all your friends & volunteer teammates, we’re all here for whatever you need, Meg.

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