08/25/2022 We Need The Media To Help The Narrative With The Headlines Chosen

Sadly, so many are educated & updated as to what’s “going on” thru headlines. And sadly, the headlines, therefore, are often chosen for clickbait to try to get us to read more.

I may be over critical of the AP here…& then the outlets that chose to run this SAME headline off the AP’s word choices, but you can certainly be the judge:

Columbus Blue Jackets, Alexandre Texier, is not joining the team for the upcoming season – this is despite recording career-high totals in goals (11) & points (20) in only 36 games last season. It was shared that this decision came: “per the advice & recommendation of the NHL/NHLPA Substance Abuse & Behavioral Health Program.”

Texier will not be paid by the Blue Jackets. So he’s talking a pause, in favor of health. MH. We’ve been applauding this. 

Here’s the quote however that he, personally, shared: “During the past year, I’ve experienced some personal issues & challenges & I feel I need to be close to my family at this time. This is a hard decision, but it is the best one for me right now.”

However in the SAME article (see next slide ➡️), this was the quote from the Blue Jackets GM, Jarmo Kekalainen: “Alexandre Texier & I recently had a very long conversation in which he indicated to me that he was not ready to resume his career in the NHL at this time. His mental health & well-being remain our top priority & we will continue to support him in any way we can.”

It’s interesting (& somewhat questionable) that the headline used) was abt “Personal Issues.” On the one hand those were the words used by the player, himself. But how many places do our minds go when we hear “personal issues”? How much of an opportunity DID we have, to continue to normalize taking a pause for our MH – after a string of other public figures doing the same. 

The reason wasn’t a secret. This was clearly laid out by the GM: it was MH. And the recommendation by the NHL’s “Behavioral Health” group. See the 3rd slide for how one (of very few) outlets covered it w/o making the headline “personal issues.” We need the media to help the narrative w the headlines chosen. Not sell the salacious when it comes to health!

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