08/30/2022 We Need More Celebs Being Real and Raw With Their ‘Stuff’ Not Just Their Labels

Moments that go viral in this mental health space – when it comes to public figures (& maybe athletes specifically), are ones that aren’t planned. Ones that come from the heart & just pour out:

Some recent ones that come to mind (pics next slide➡️), were when:

– @haydenrhurst ran up to Dak Prescott after a game btwn the Falcons & Cowboys to tell him he respected him for opening up, that he & his fam had a MH foundation, & they should collaborate. The cameras just happened to pick it up.

– Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett started tearing up after his UFC London victory, talking abt his friend who’d just passed by suicide, opening his heart to men & pleading w them to talk & ask for help.

– Former NBA’er Michael Beasley was asked some hard questions on the podcast “The Pivot” by other retired athletes, & he broke down crying talking abt how he feels like he has no one left he can lean on. 

– Naomi Osaka was reduced to tears at her first media press conference, after returning from her French Open withdrawal.

Now this, from John Wall. 

These Wall comments came as a follow-up question, unexpectedly. There was a Salvation Army banner in the background. He was pressed, & he opened up: abt his STUFF. He shared the everyday things we all struggle w: sickness of loved ones, loss of loved ones, watching loved ones struggle, being sidelined from what we love doing, the p@ndemlc, etc. 

Hope celebs are taking note. We don’t relate as well to the pre-planned, sponsor-driven, staged endorsement deals. 

We LIKE the real “stuff.” When it’s real & raw, most of us do not say: “boo hoo, poor millionaire.” We say – thank you, I can relate, same here. THIS is what normalizes the convo.

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