We Crave What Is REAL

Why am I posting a pic of a best friend & I, looking ridiculously sweaty from a walk, on of all thing, a Polaroid, when social media is all about posting digital pics straight from our phones? There’s a reason.

Throughout this pandemic, I’ve been searching & attempting to share the meaning of it all…the potential upsides of this disaster…how this can make our world a better place.  Many have talked about appreciating the “little things” more than we have in the past…nature & even being able to leave the house…our own physical health – which we often take for granted. But I’m gonna add to this & slightly amend my key takeaways.

I’m using this pic, bc one of my deeper takeaways came when my friend’s wife took this photo of us, & handed it to me.  The camera was a gift from my friend, to her…& she was super excited to be using it (after all, not many friends have come to visit their new apt in the age of Corona).

At first, I questioned – why in the world, w all the new technology out there (funny enough the trend of digital cameras even came to a halt once smart phones became our cameras), would anyone buy anyone else a GIFT of a Polaroid (technology from way before the turn of the century), that takes hard pics you have to carry around? Then it came to me!

We have gotten so far w technology, SO quickly, that we are craving what’s tangible…what’s REAL.  We’re craving things we can hold, ppl we can look into the actual eyes of & talk to, hand shakes, hugs, first bumps, in person talks, etc.

If you’ve followed in stories, I’ve become very afraid of what the trend of 100% work from home will do to employees at companies moving that way. No in person mtgs? No brainstorming sessions on a white wall? No fist bumps when a deal is closed?

We need things that are tangible. Need things that are real. Technology that’s helped connect us during this pandemic has been super important. But, it doesn’t replace what we all truly NEED.

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