08/28/2022 We Are Not Our Painful Feelings and Emotions

Sadness is an emotion we all have felt.  It’s not pleasant…it’s not meant to be pleasant. And at the same time, it’s something I’ve come to appreciate feeling, bc for so long, I felt nothing…an absolute lull in emotional capacity/bandwidth/range, bc of my MH crash.

Last night the sports biz industry got the awful news of the passing of Jason Jenkins, SVP of Communications & Community Affairs w the Miami Dolphins (next slide➡️). When I joined the Florida Panthers – my first new friend (even during the interview process), was Elizabeth Jenkins, the VP of Marketing for the Panthers. She was warm, welcoming, collaborative, creative. And she talked a lot about her husband Jason, as well as her children. It was that family that had it all – now 3 kids, but jobs in the same market, same industry. Great role model parents. Always out at events together helping in the community.

Jason had JUST tweeted earlier in the day about the Dolphins upcoming game THAT night. We don’t know the particulars of the tragedy that took him from us. But, what I & so many in the S Florida sports biz community, & the sports biz community at large know is, we’re hurting. We’re sad. 

I’m devastated to think abt how a man so young & so vital, was taken from us at such a young age – 47. I’m sad thinking about what Liz & her family must be going thru right now. It’s hard to wrap my head arnd.

And at the same time, someone sent me this post 3 days ago…& it feels applicable. We are not our feelings & emotions. They are ON us, but they are not what defines us. Yes I’m sad. Yes so many are sad & we will be for so long. But in time we will he able to celebrate a life well lived. The loss may continue to hurt, but the pain will morph & change a million times. 

We are not our painful feelings & emotions. They are on us. Thinking of you Jason’s family, & Liz, sending you much strength & support & love from up north.

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