Vulnerability Is Needed: People With Platforms Can Connect

Vulnerability – the key to true connections.


Was up in Petawawa, CA today (two hour drive from Ottawa) with Kim Barthel from our expert practitioner alliance and Theo Fleury from our celeb alliance. Our head volunteer, Stacie Fisher also came up for the trip. Aside from the fact that it no longer seems like I’m the smallest guy in Canada w the NBA giants now gone, my favorite part about this pic is that Kim is wearing the #SameHere🤙 t-shirt and Theo is wearing the We’re All A Little “Crazy” t-shirt.


My favorite part of the day however, was being in a room from 9am – 4pm as emotions got real, and raw…sometimes even difficult – but a safe space for sharing was created, and a lot of healing happened. When a Stanley Cup Champion and Olympic Gold Medal winner is willing to go up there in front of a group and talk about his trauma from his early relationship w his parents, and the sexual abuse he endured at the hands of a coach…while the expert practitioner is revealing her own triggers and vulnerabilities – it allows others to open up in ways you wouldn’t think imaginable.


Most people want do to talk about their pain.  But most aren’t given a safe environment in which to do it. When individuals or teams with platforms do more than just write about something they’ve endured – but they actually roll up their sleeves and get dirty in order to help others, that’s where the real healing happens. That’s where #SameHere🤙 gets put into action.


Excited to go on a radio show tomorrow afternoon with Kevin Stevens who played on the Stanley Cup Run teams with Mario Lemieux’s Penguins. We’ll talk about the “Crazy” Alliance.  Stacie will have more on where to find that segment on iheart radio in the coming days!


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