The “Victim Mentality” Is Furthering The Stigma Divide

This may not be the most popular opinion, but it’s something I believe deep down in my heart: The victim mentality when it comes to mental health/mental illness, is one of the main reasons there is still such a stigma.


My buddy, Joey Morgan, sent me a Yahoo article published a few days ago written by someone who struggles w MI. Woven throughout were examples of how “others don’t understand”…”people don’t believe”…”if only it happened to them.”


On the flip side, last night I shared a “story” w a poll (you can check out now). It’s a comic abt insomniacs thinking abt random shit through the night. I asked who can relate? So far, 90% of you. This particular comic – focused on how “Pacific Ocean” has 3 “c’s” that all sound different & he can’t get it out of his mind.


Is that type of hyper-focus: OCD? Intrusive Thoughts? General Obsession? Over-Analysis? An Over-Active Brain? We call that example SO many things & depending on who diagnoses you, or IF you even see a doc & are diagnosed, we still call it many diff things. However, when reading the comic, look how many relate to this “crazy” way of thinking.


I’m not downplaying disorder. Not in the least. My struggle w PTSD puts me in that category of “mental illness.” 2.5 yrs of it have been hell. BUT, I don’t compare. I don’t tell someone who lost a parent & is in bed “only” for 2 wks, that their struggle is/was less than mine. Isn’t it better to comfort one another on our similar battles, regardless of severity?


Why do we compare? Why do we want to make it a badge of honor that we felt “jailed” longer than the next person? We all struggle. All at diff levels, yes, but this stigma that’s incessantly talked abt would go away if we came TOGETHER on our similarities instead of separated based on our differences. If you’ve faced any challenge, your on my team!

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