Visit With The Utah Jazz

Met with some folks at the @utahjazz today at their Zions Bank Basketball Campus.


Relationships come full circle. The gentleman in the top right with me, Colby Zobell, was on my group sales team with the Suns. It’s very rewarding to now see him as a director of his own staff, in the town he grew up in, Salt Lake.


Met with a number of departments from benefits to corporate sponsorships to tickets sales. But I gotta say I am so impressed by something their sales team is already doing:


They bring in a MH performance coach 3x per week for a number of hours each visit, and sales staff employees get to meet with him, one-on-one, and talk about ANYTHING they want.


In fact, while the performance coach isn’t allowed to reveal names, he says he leaves sessions often crying himself, and that the conversations are rarely, if ever, about what’s happening at work. It’s most all the time conversations about challenges being faced outside of the office.


One other cool thing to notice: their office “campus” is only two years old. Take a look at the middle picture and see the atrium that sits in the middle of all their offices, that employees walk by, and can go and sit at, any time they want. Talk about being able to take a MH break. Beautiful!








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