Use Social Media To Impact People, Not Impress Them

Would be nice if it were this simple, right?

It’s interesting bc w social media & even the term “face” book, we started off w good intentions, being able to see the faces of others, what they’re doing, to keep up w those it’s hard to keep up w…to watch children grow & do amazing things.

Then, as human nature started to play in (& I’d even say some of the addictive pieces built specifically FOR us to get/stay hooked), we started to see these channels used for other reasons. The “social currency” of getting “likes” & “comments” for outfits worn, for places arnd the globe visited, for muscles bulging, for swimsuits worn, became a big motivator for many.

And what’s interesting is, bc the world is so connected on these things, those seeking that social currency will take it from anywhere. Do “influencers” care if their 3K likes come from people they don’t know…People who may never buy the product they are pushing? People who are scraping to make ends meet, but long for what they have/how they look/what car they drive?

I get it, this is a very complicated topic, interwoven w SO many variables. There’s not a person who doesn’t feel some sense of “good,” when others appreciate what they post. Again that’s human nature too. 

But what I’d say is, SM has revealed what a small world it CAN be. We have the power to influence ppl we have never met, nor likely will ever meet in person. There’s a world out there that we can “influence,” any one of us, even if it’s only that one person who reads our posts or looks at our pics.

Bc of that reach & opportunity, I hope we as a society will realize that positively impacting ppl’s lives w the gift of “reach” we’ve been given, is where it’s at. I understand ppl who post pics of kids & fam & love (I do it w my nieces). But when it comes to pics of ourselves & our pursuits & ventures, my hope would be we at least consider leaving pearls of wisdom of what we LEARNED from those experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly.

There’s so much we each pick up w each passing day. It’s a gift to share what we learn & can pass on…more so than what we “have” that others may not. 

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