How A True Leader Supports Their Team Members

Today was a busy busy day…will share way more tomorrow – school presentations & even a meeting w the Mets to get started on a big MH event in May.


That said, couldn’t let this story pass by without saying something: Brandon Brooks, literally one of the best linemen in the NFL, had to miss yesterday’s game bc of his anxiety…something he’s been dealing w for years, that makes him physically sick.


Want to see what a true leader does? This is from his head coach, Doug Pederson, about Brandon’s situation: “It’s something that he’s dealing with each and every day of his life. You never really know what triggers it. We’re here to support him. We love him. It is unfortunate that it happened, but it’s something that he deals with every single day. We’re just going to continue to support him.”


THAT type of attitude from the top, is a big reason why Brooks is able to play at the high level he is, consistently, rarely missing games.


What a world it would be if presidents, CEOs, directors, managers, all walked the talk like Pederson does/did right there.


We need to acknowledge this is a “thing.” It’s a thing everyone in this world deals w to varying levels. Support from the top is what allows us to continue to perform at our best, despite the challenges we may face. Great story! Hoping you get back on the field next week, Brandon!

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